What Is Your Warrior Ethos

What is your warrior ethos?

The term warrior is often thought of as applying to an individual who fights, such as a soldier or martial artist. However, I believe we are all warriors of life and to that extent most of us live by some sort of moral code that guides us. We change as we grow and we are always trying to figure out our place in life, whether it be professionally, personally or internally. Your ethos is just that – yours and yours alone. It should speak to your soul and if no one else gets it then that is perfectly okay.

I have listed a few of mine in no particular order for your criticism and your entertainment.

Set the standards by leading by example.

Never ask a teammate to do something you have not already done or are not willing to do.

The team is more important than any one person within the team.

Think of the needs of your teammates prior to your own.

Let your decisions be guided with just cause, compassion and respect.

If you share all you have with your teammate you will be rewarded with a with a wealth of knowledge, skill and most importantly, you will understand what loyalty, love and friendship truly means.

Listen more than you talk. (I personally struggle a lot with this.)


Selflessness produces courage because it binds people together and proves to each individual that they are part of a team.

Embrace adversity not from the flank but head on with confidence, courage and conviction.

Let your life be guided by the light of the sun and the moon and not the empty darkness of nothingness.

Courage to me is defined not by the absence of fear but rather having fears and facing them regardless of the danger to oneself.


Guro Brian Brown
Owner/Chief Instructor
Atlanta Martial Arts Club


I have been a BIG supporter of the wounded warrior project from the very begining and it is a very worthy cause. These guys/gals put their asses on the line so you can do what ever it is that you do with your life. Please take a moment to click on their website and consider making a monthly donation.